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In 2008 we launched a small publishing venture with the specific aim of issuing a series of picture books under the general heading ‘a close look at…’ in a format of A6 (148 x 105mm). The titles were launched three at a time and to date, 12 have been published. All were printed on a digital press in restricted editions – usually 100 – and many have been reprinted. It is our firm intention to stick to this pattern, restricting ourselves to the short-run limitation of digital printing on demand; we would rather publish many titles in small editions than fewer in large editions.

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pudkin books’ first three

It may not be immediately apparent that all the titles share a common feature: each object, whether a pebble, a trinket or a fallen leaf, is shown actual size. This is a most demanding discipline. Many otherwise suitable items had to be excluded because they were too big for the format; but we think the harmonious result vindicated this apparently arbitrary constraint.

three more from pudkin books

Each of these three books is the outcome of the photographer’s personal fascination: for tall windows from Mexico, for decorated rickshas from Bangladesh, and for fire hydrants from everywhere but Britain, whence they have been banished. We hope you will share with us the enjoyment felt by the photographer when confronted by these objects. We’ll miss them when they are gone.

pudkin books are at it again!

Our third set of ‘a close look at…’ books indulges in an even wider range of subject matter. One thing is becoming clear now: we are undeniably involved in, and concerned about, recording visual experiences that are transitory or threatened; even, we suggest, in the book on ‘landscape sequences’, since what we show there is literally fleeting.

pudkin books are branching out!

Each of the three in the set is by a different artist; and each is in a different medium (pen drawing, watercolour, photography). The subject matter is as diverse as the technique employed. Dare we expect that you, our potential customers, will be attracted by all the titles, in spite of this diversity? We do hope so.

pudkin bundles

The titles were launched three at a time and can now be bought together in the sets in which they were originally published. These sets benefit from reduced postage and packing. The complete pudkin series can be bought as a bundle with entirely complimentary shipping. Pudkin bundles make a lovely addition to your library or studio collection. Would they not?

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